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At PACT we fix, repair, install and build new porches and patios. No matter the condition we can repair or replace the porch or patio in your home. We handle any type of concrete/cement work for your outdoor space. Stamped concrete ,stained patio, polished or poured we can handle your next project at the best prices around. We will get you a fast free quote from one of our contractors on the patio or porch of your dreams. We have the experience needed to bring the highest quality work you expect and top notch professionalize with each job. We treat your home as if it was our own and take great pride in how well our team cleans up and respects your schedule. If you want it done right, fast and at the best price than you found it with PACT concrete pros.  

 Concrete is a art so never replace your porch or patio without talking to us first.  Keep the character of your home and save some money by getting a repair or having us install the best patio/porch at affordable prices. Update your home or yard by adding a new patio or porch with available option such as outdoor kitchen, lighting, fire pit and more. We have no obligations to purchase and offer a FREE QUOTE for your next porch or patio project. Have questions? PACT’s Contractors are happy to answer them all.

All our contractors are certified installers 

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Stamped Concrete Work

Stamped Concrete patio or porch work

Concrete or Cement repair

Repair your porch or patio any type of concrete or cement

Concrete paver or poured porch patio work

Built a poured or paver porch/patio


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About PACT‘S Free Quote Service


Our team at PACT will get you a 100% free quote for your damaged or building you a new concrete patio, porch, deck or pad for your home or business. We are so confident in our service, price and the talented contractors that we do not charge any service fee to come quote you on your project. Others might charge to come out but we know we will earn your business with our years of experience that we do all of our quotes for free. Get started today!

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How long does concrete take to dry?

Answer : Normally dry time for your porch is 28 days for it to completely cure but walking on it can normally happen after 3 days.

Set time is about 24 to 48 hours

We can color concrete and we can design it for a custom look on your home.  Size matters with concrete porches so please let us know more about your project by filling out the form and sending in for a free quote. We will get in touch with you right away and are happy to answer any of your questions about repair, install, sealing , fixing or building your porch.  We are 100% free no credit card or financial information collected. You are no obligated to us our contractors but we believe you will not find any other specialized bids at the price our experts give. Years of service contact us to see why we are the pros!

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